The Essentials of Commercial Lending (PDF)

The Essentials of Commercial Lending (PDF)

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How do commercial lenders analyze businesses and make lending decisions in the Bank? What are the key commercial lending techniques, tools and terminology that blend with the new risk management approach we'll use? What is the narrative methodology and how do I leverage it to assure quick and accurate approval decisions?

The Essentials of Commercial Lending, provides the answer. It has been written to help with the transition to a new, standard methodology. Essentials, outline the critical information and tools in an easy to use format, one that is based on both common sense and the leading publications in commercial lending today!

Each Chapter provides a crucial building block to the next step, ending with job aids that will allow you to take control and utilize them for maximum benefit. More, you'll finally have the inside look at how decisions are made and how to anticipate questions or issues. 

Thank you and welcome to The Essentials of Commercial Lending!